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Learning To Let Go with Ann Jarvis

Learning To Let Go with Ann Jarvis

Transformation In Uncertain Times
With Ann Jarvis
Tues Sept 29th 1-2pm

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We’re currently living in unprecedented times.  With great uncertainty and anxiety, we often feel like we need to maintain as much control over our lives as possible in order to feel okay.  And yet when we are able to let go and allow a greater intelligence to work through us, we find that not only can we navigate uncertainty with a little more ease, but we may gain some insight into our own unfolding within a new way of being.  

Ann has worked with letting go and surrender for a number of years and through a deeply healing experience years ago, has come to realize that hanging on and trying to control life only leaves us tired and anxious.  Instead, when we let go and surrender to what IS, we make room for an almost miraculous transformation to take place.

Ann Jarvis is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Holistic Nutritionist, Metaphysical Teacher and Writer.  Ann recovered from a decades long autoimmune disease through the implementation of a healing diet, self-nourishment and through, what she calls, spiritual surrender.  Ann loves to help women recover from autoimmunity through the reclamation of their voice, the release of trauma and coming home to their unique Soul.  Ann believes that all pain is purposeful and that once we find that purpose, it can be released.  Ann offers client sessions over the phone and focuses on Channeled Healing and Autoimmune Wellness.  For more information on Ann, please visit www.annjarvis.ca

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