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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $79 *exclusions apply
FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $79 *exclusions apply
Oct 19: NFP Cooking Class:  Everyday Gluten-Free Eats Workshop

Oct 19: NFP Cooking Class:  Everyday Gluten-Free Eats Workshop

With Selina Rose RHN

Saturday Oct 19th, 10:30-12:30 - NFP Barrhaven

$38.00/person + HST  REGISTER

Whether you’re curious about eliminating gluten or serious about cutting it out due to an allergy, this workshop is for you. Join Holistic Nutritionist and cookbook author, Selina Rose, as she shows you how to make everyday gluten-free foods. This workshop will focus on family-friendly breakfast, snack and dinner options that can be made quickly without this top allergen. We’ll even include a gluten-free dessert! Selina will talk about the top gluten grains and how to make the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle. Recipes will focus on anti-inflammatory and nutrient-rich foods that support the body in healing when a gluten allergy is discovered.

You’ll learn:

-Creative and fun ways to make delicious family-friendly recipes without gluten.

-Secrets to eliminating gluten from your diet completely and how to identify it on food labels.

-Simple recipes that nourish and support your body in lowering inflammation caused by a gluten allergy.

-How to make gluten-free desserts that will please everyone.

Selina’s philosophy for food and life is holistic. She makes a healthy holistic lifestyle approachable for the busy professionals she works with. An author, Holistic Nutritionist, yoga teacher, and Integrative Nutrition Health, Selina brings many disciplines to her work. She is interviewed regularly on CTV, and always enjoys a good conversation via podcast or radio. Selina’s cookbook, online programs and courses have helped thousands of people transform their health by managing stress, teaching them to adopt a new mindset toward their bodies, food and dieting. Connect with Selina on social media – Instagram: @selinarose.inc Facebook: Selina Rose Inc.

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