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Dec 10:  A lesson from horses - Using boundaries to create presence

Dec 10: A lesson from horses - Using boundaries to create presence

Tues December 10th, 7-8pm - NFP Barrhaven

With Tina Turner


Does the thought of setting boundaries conjure up feelings of anxiety or fear, or cause a knot in the pit of your stomach?

Maybe you’re pretty confident to say no when you’re asked to do something that you’re not comfortable with, but you’re not sure how to use boundaries to create better relationships?

The horses are experts at setting boundaries in a way that is clear, certain AND also highly mindful and connective. This is how a herd thrives – everyone takes responsibility for creating space the body needs to be authentically present with another. It’s actually a beautiful dance that is part of everyday movement and nurturing of their strength together. This dance includes powerful lessons for people too.

Join us and discover:

  •  A new way to think about and understand boundaries that will change everything
  • A simple practice to get more present in any situation
  • How to use your body’s intelligence to create the space you need to be present in any given situation
  • Two practical and powerful tips you can use immediately to invite someone into your space or ask them to give you more space

Everyone in attendance will receive a photo/poetry card from the herd, and a free 60 minute coaching call to help you get super clear on how you can excel at using boundaries in your life.

Tina works with The Courage Herd (5 horses, a donkey, and 3 sheep), the land and nature to explore how humans can grow and evolve into the next best version of ourselves through deep communion with life. The Courage Herd is a project in seeing and relating to life in very different ways. As soon as people step on the land, they often feel an immediate, powerful inner shift. Tina's coaching program, Wakefulness Warriors, is an invitation for people from all around the world to work with her virtually.  This opportunity enables her clients to learn to adapt and use the principles & practices from the herd to make extraordinary change in their own life and the lives of those they love and serve.

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